Summer - for me, finally

Sure, it's been hot for most of July but only now can I start to enjoy it. Nevermind that it's cloudy and somewhat cool today, yesterday was not only hot, but humid. So it was perfect timing to find a watermelon I'd bought the other day - and had fogotten about til yesterday - chilling in my fridge. I was a little out of practice in cutting one open! It was so sweet ... and still is. Can't believe I've already eaten half of it.

To add to the feel of summer, tonight will be the second of six firework shows at English Bay Park. I didn't go the first on Wednesday because I was still delerious from the medication I was taking, though I did catch some of its fuzzy colours from the street out in front of the friends' home I've been staying at while convalescing. Still semi-residing there ... which is precisely why I would have forgotten about what's in the fridge at my own place.

Unless it's actually raining, I'll finally get over to the Oasis at Wreck Beach tomorrow. There have been many reports in the gay press and from word-of-mouth that the RCMP have been 'warning' people parking along Old Marine Drive (the convenient spot to park one's wheels at the top of Trail 7) tabout people having sex in the woods. The horror! Many surmise the increased police activity has been due to the ever-encroaching new residences nearby. Some even fret the end of the nudist era at Wreck Beach will come to an end before long. All the more reason to go down and find out what's going on firsthand.

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