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Tanning my legs at Wreck Beach

Unlike some people ...

... these birds are not alone.

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In the sand at Wreck Beach

Trail maintainer

Keeping the path along the beach passable

Fully clothed at the nude beach

When there's nobody around, what else is there to do?

From two parts of China

Morning arrivals from Hong Kong & China

Gay crackdown in China?

A friend just told me about Oasis in Beijing being raided recently and I found the article here:

Video snapshot I took in front of Destination on 8/9 March.

How distressing that the guys at Oasis were detained and/or taken away! I truly hope they are all okay. That’s surely not going to be good for their business in the future. A real shame. Their new location near Dongsishitiao is a nice place - though not at all like a Western bath house, it was quite hopping with a nice mix of young/old & local/foreign guys … and action to be had all over the place.

I was inside Destination during the first police “raid” on the night of the 8th/9th March. If I recall correctly, it was at midnight that the music suddenly ended. Friends who had just arrived outside were not allowed in. Then before we went out to meet them, security told us we would not be allowed to re-enter. There were a couple of police cars outside with their lights flashing, but no obvious (uniformed) police presence inside.I departed China as previously scheduled a couple of days later, and since friends who have gone to Destination said it’s not as busy as it was before the brief closure. (Perhaps not a bad thing as it was sometimes packed beyond comfort.)

China is generally not gay-unfriendly. My Chinese partner & I held hands everywhere we went - though we are certainly not out to his family. If there’s any complaint I have about being gay in Beijing, it’s that there aren’t enough gay bars or venues.

Taking flight at YVR

Sunday at Vancouver International Airport (YVR)