Boring, or what?

Can't decide if
I like these underwear
or not?
They feel great,
but style-wise,
are they too big?
Perhaps you need more angles
before you make a decision.

Thursday evening

There could be fanfare,
but there isn't
and perhaps there shouldn't.

In the 4 days since Ginger returned to his homeland after 3 years of unbridled Western exposure, i've sampled 4 unique delicacies:
a subtle Japanese 'teshoku' mostly balanced between east & west, eerily coincidental that it should come from the very same kitchen as my Ginger;
a fragrant African drink originally from the Caribbean which successfully took hold in Toronto and is will gain in popularity here on the West Coast with test marketing already underway in our Hollywood North ahead of its LA debut - possibly at the same time Ginger is due there;
a meaty German dish, with distinct Italian seasoning, and oddly Swiss reasoning;
a local hybrid of potato lacking substantially in taste, which surprised me because there was such a thick skin to this variety.

Though the tears have yet to end, the sobbing, thankfully, has.