If only~

~I had something to smile about

Back Tat

What a nice gesture!

Welcome to Beijing

Not a bottom

It was one of those moments where it just happened so naturally~
A sign, an image and a thirst. Having a camera helped, too.


Talk to me. Put words in my mouth.

Finger on my lens, again

You know your watch in Sanlitun

Still getting used to my new hand-me-down camera and its lens where I usually put my finger. Not that that blur takes away from this shot, by any means.

Tanline limits

Where should the tanlines end?

No revealing tats

No revealing tattoos

There will be plenty of photographic evidence of my having gone crazy at this party - Yen's 5th anniversary. It was a timely outlet for the pent-up frustration building up inside me. My friends could not know how much pressure I am under, but surely they could guess my crazed behaviour was due to some stress they had hitherto unknown. At least I was a happy madman - with the best of friends.

Tuanjiehu Park Pool

Anonymous hot guy

The first visit there a couple of days ago was awesome. The BF & I joined a couple of friends in the gay quarter. It was like being at Destination - minus the smoke-filled rooms & predictable music. My beginner's luck did not let me down ~ when entering the change room for the very first time, there was a tall, beefy & HUNG Chinese guy all lathered up in the shower giving everyone a full show of himself. Good thing we could cool down in the pool right away!

Proxy workaround - updated!

Sad to say my blog is no longer easily accessible in China.
The Blogspot/Blogger domain has been fire-walled.
So posting this is done via a free - though slow and inconsistent - proxy.
Hope things return to 'normal' again soon.

VPN rocks!
Right past the GFW!