CCTV sucks - again, again & yet again

Three strikes for CCTV. They are now permanently out.  
Not on my TV set or computer screen ever again. 

As a guest in China, I rarely get terribly political about much.
But my main reason for staying here is because of the tolerance towards homosexuality even the Chinese leadership has espoused. 

But there will be no more graciousness from me for the network which blatantly broke the law and caused a spectacular fire that killed one fireman and injured 7 others ealier this month. Their negligence may even lead to a ban on fireworks in Beijing next year. Their legal wrecklessness is one thing.  

Now their moral judgement has sunk to a new low by not only editing out parts of Sean Penn's acceptance speech at the Oscars for his role in "Milk", but also by not even to bother correctly translating what he had to say.  
So much for tolerance at CCTV.

Watch what he really had to say here!

Valentine's Day & Night

In the wee hours of the Valentine's Day we had already known for only on few hours that we (and the entire 11th floor of our building) would have to move out of our place next to Destination in Gongti.
So we decided to head over to Destination - one "last" time with a group of friends and got drunk - one of us more than other. I ran into an old friend and he introduced me to a Chinese friend of his who spoke great Japanese and so we pera-pera'd all night - tanoshikatta! It was the BF's turn to get drunk, and he didn't disppoint ;-) I was amazed he didn't have a hang over when we awoke relatively early.

One of our neighbours decided to help us find a place, so it was he who ran around to a few estate agents and within 12 hours we had new place to move into near Dongzhimen - incredibly just a few 100 metres from where we set off our first fireworks with friends at the start of Chinese New Year. Is that destiny or what?

The BF's family and I went out to pick strawberries in the north of Beijing on Valentine's Day. Then it was off to have sushi with friends at The Place for dinner. From there it was off to another friend's house for a Valentine's Day party where it was suggested tops wear blue and bottoms wear red. Not everyone participated in the dress code. I wasn't sure what to wear, if anything at all. In the end I wore blue and the BF wore red. I did my best to chat up all the reds ;-)

We knew there was a Fridae-sponsored event at Destination but were shocked to see such a huge line up outside when we arrived. It turned out to be blast and not as crowded as I'd thought. The music was fine and there were so many new faces. I wonder where they usually hang out ~

Not leaving Destination alone
In case you're wondering, the BF took this shot

Valentine's Day gay wedding in Qianmen, Beijing~

Want those plates ...

... but not that van.
Naturally the 京GAY is significant,
but so is the 824 because it's my BF's birthdate!