Impatiently awaiting... love's arrival.

Just what is he waiting for?
- Too unlikely, (t)his reason.

Just how long will he wait?
- More than me.

Just how long should I wait?
- Til I get an (honest?) answer.

Just how long can I wait?
- Til I am lonelier than I am now.

This is way too much like waiting last year ....
But now, it's starting to get unpleasant at all the unknowns.

I've begun to mentally prepare that he won't come to Canada.
In that case, I won't hesitate to go to China for him.

More than that though, it's why there had to be this separation.
Do I really want to know the answers to all the questions I have?

Doubting I will ever be able to accept this kind of separation again.

Comfy fit

It has to do with that pouch!

Gay St.

Every city has one

Anti-gay graffiti

It happens in the best of places