I found this crumpled up
piece of paper the other night
in the parking lot I always use
behind Davie Street.

A range of emotions passed over me on seeing this smiling face ... torn away from someone, perhaps, that made him happy enough to smile like that.

I glanced about to see if I could find the other pieces to this puzzle. I heard nothing heard and saw no one.

I may have felt compelled to pick up that ripped up and discarded piece of paper merely because it was unsightly litter, or was there something more to it?

Butt shot


These are from Muji and fit very nicely.


Here is that butt shot.

A view from above

So my pup is at this lake on the Chinese-Russian border.

It must be such a summery feeling - especially if they know the winters.....
Sure can't wait to see the photos!

Float plane on approach to Coal Harbour over Stanley Park. (Click to see full image.)

The wind in my hair

I should have left well enough alone. The first trim I gave myself with the electric hair clippers at the weekend was seemingly easy enough, just a tad messy with hair everywhere - light work for my heavy duty vacuum cleaner. For whatever reason, I decided last night to trim up the sides a bit and certainly something had to be done about the excess length of hair on my nape. Before I knew it, I had cut a strip of hair along the sides and nape, starting at one temple then running the unguarded clippers all the way along the edge of the hairline to the other temple. I could've taken my time and gradually tapered the hairline in - over lots of time, but I was tired and thought it wouldn't be so bad having a buzz cut again. And I was right!