No more GWM 4 C2C?

Days after opening my most recent online profile, I've decided to hold back from using it or any of the numerous ones I've built up over the years. My mailbox is filling up with ignored notices about new messages, friend requests and X number of hearts received. 

I started using online sites to meet guys to C2C with when I spent 6 months on a small island off Newfoundland 3 years ago. Being one of the most unpopulated places in Canada, I took matters into my own hands in front of the webcam with guys from all over the world. Hardly surprising that I'm still in touch with some of them.

But I realised the other day that there are so many people I can meet in person that it seems almost pointless and such a waste of time to be spending so much time wanting to meet yet more people. There are times when travelling that it could be useful to go online, and so when in Beijing I did meet in person one of the cutest & hottest guys online after weeks of email back and forth. But here now in Vancouver, is there really any point to advertising myself?

Should I just keep on sending messages to cute boys telling them how cute they, how sexy their tight bodies are and how nice it would be to meet them for tea?  My SO doesn't seem to mind.

Alas, I do mind that he does that. Just for sex. For just sex.