Tanline limits

Where should the tanlines end?

No revealing tats

No revealing tattoos

There will be plenty of photographic evidence of my having gone crazy at this party - Yen's 5th anniversary. It was a timely outlet for the pent-up frustration building up inside me. My friends could not know how much pressure I am under, but surely they could guess my crazed behaviour was due to some stress they had hitherto unknown. At least I was a happy madman - with the best of friends.

Tuanjiehu Park Pool

Anonymous hot guy

The first visit there a couple of days ago was awesome. The BF & I joined a couple of friends in the gay quarter. It was like being at Destination - minus the smoke-filled rooms & predictable music. My beginner's luck did not let me down ~ when entering the change room for the very first time, there was a tall, beefy & HUNG Chinese guy all lathered up in the shower giving everyone a full show of himself. Good thing we could cool down in the pool right away!