Renewing my view of time

One year on. Maintaining eternal truth and happiness in the time I fared on my own proved to be a dark journey. What demons pulled me into a life of denial and false hope I have seen before. They are not insurmountable, as I have proven time and again. No one else can pull me out of lies I tell myself.


It's time now that I face the reality of my limits and find a balanced approach to a peaceful mind and loving heart. From there my enduring spirit can take on any devious demon and guide me to a harmonious place right here, right now and forever.


Frequent lapses in precious time were whiled away because of my own lack of self respect and respect for others. How I ask for, receive and accept their love and support must be humbly addressed and carefully acknowledged. These changes won't be put off any longer and only time will tell how successfully achieved they were!

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