Proxy workaround - updated!

Sad to say my blog is no longer easily accessible in China.
The Blogspot/Blogger domain has been fire-walled.
So posting this is done via a free - though slow and inconsistent - proxy.
Hope things return to 'normal' again soon.

VPN rocks!
Right past the GFW!

My hard day at the office

For today's filming, I wasn't expecting this.
It was *almost* enough just watching him.
But it turns out oiling him up was tops.

An H&M in My Hood!

Opening tomorrow across the street from my place!

Sauna, scrub and massage

At long last we made our way over again to the small public bath house at Beixinqiao for a sauna, body scrub and a massage. While I was on the table, I couldn't help but wonder who takes this kind of job. Is it a booming business or are fewer people going? There were no other customers at what I would guess should be a busy time in the evening. The place is quite clean and the sauna, turned on for our arrival, heated up quite quickly. After about an hour there, I felt squeaky clean!

(Photo to come)

Super horny daze

Starts out with the long weekend at the Strawberry Festival,
then ends up with me naked in bed in front of a film crew -
with another guy... and I'm going back for more!

Hot DJ... has a name~ Jaume Prats

Questionably hot - certainly crazy - DJ

Hot half-naked boy

Super-cute bartender whipping up Mojitos

In all fairness, none of the three days at the Strawberry Festival in Tongzhou led me to the point of getting naked in front of a camera - during or after. Though I did get 'lost' on the way back to my place on the first night. I couldn't hold myself any longer after drinking so much and had to get off the train to find a washroom, somewhere - anywhere! Still not used to the no-walls in many of Beijing's public washrooms. Potentially cruisy places, I suppose - but there's no way I could endure the smell any longer than it took to empty my bladder.

So how did I end up naked in front of a film crew with another guy, you ask? Well, I wish I could give all the details, but due to the terms of my contract I'm really not allowed to divulge anything about this movie. However, I can and will say: it is a gay film, I get to be naked with another guy and there are more nude scenes to be shot in the coming days. Exciting, to say the least!