No revealing tats

No revealing tattoos

There will be plenty of photographic evidence of my having gone crazy at this party - Yen's 5th anniversary. It was a timely outlet for the pent-up frustration building up inside me. My friends could not know how much pressure I am under, but surely they could guess my crazed behaviour was due to some stress they had hitherto unknown. At least I was a happy madman - with the best of friends.


More,moremore said...

nice,well.香菜,u posted many comments on my blog! that is all of u did!
about that teddy bear,i forgot why i was so sad about it!just remembered i had a same given my girl when i was in high school a christmas day!(i love her very much,she said to me she loves teddy bear before)but she said she canot take it go back home,she afraid parents will be doubtful of this! she didnot want it! i was feeling so sad,i told her"tell u mom that just u picked this teddy bear on the way home,it is ok!"
anyway,it broken my heart,i had the deep feeling with the teddy bear!

香菜 said...

Teddy bears can be good for mending broken hearts ;-)